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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  June 13, 2010 3:00am-4:00am EDT

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an unsolved mystery re-opened for the family of high school southeastern natalee holloway in a sinister new trust. this is a special edition of "on the record." may 30, 2005, 18-year-old natalee holloway vanished, and now, exactly five years later, van der sloot, the prime suspect in natalee's disappearance, is charged with first degree murder and robbery of stephany flores. after this damaging video was released. van der sloot confessed to killing the 21 year. he told police he beat and strangled her in this hotel room. he was never prosecuted for the
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holloway murder. at that point, joran's story changed quite a few timed. he contacted us in november of 2008 claiming he wanted to tell the truth of what happened the night of natalee's disappearance. even now from behind bars he says he knows where natalee's body is. but here's joran from two years ago. is he telling the truth or not? >> here's what i need. we have licensed this chip from you, and with some conversations, and when we took that chip and gave it to an expert, the expert was a little bit confused. i need to get the facts and circumstances round it so we can corroborate it and investigate and do what you want, and what do you want out of this? >> i guess for this all to be over. that's it. just for me to be able to get on with everything and feel okay. that's what i ultimately want out of it. i know if you look into this,
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you're going to fine out, i think, definitely with everything i gave, if you really look into it, you're going to stumble across something that will get you more answers, i'm sure. i know. >> the chip is -- there are three separate conversations on this chip? >> yeah. three separate conversations. >> when did they occur and with whom can the conversations? >> i don't actually really want to talk about that. that's just -- i was just giving you that you could collaborate and have something to show to look into this. >> from what i understand from our first conversation -- i have to make sure i really tie this down in order for my network to continue to, you know, let us investigate this story, i have to have it really straight and nailed down. >> uh-huh. >> how have told us now something that is very different from what we understood to have
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happened. flo them the chip issue it's a conversation with your father recorded. actually three conversations with your far reported. right? >> three conversations. >> one was in january? about? >> they were in -- i don't know. i don't remember the month. >> this year? >> it was this year, yeah. >> and he was in aruba and you were where? >> i was in holland, i think. one for one, and the other one i was here. >> did you use the same cell phone or "skype"? >> on the cell phone. just on the cell phone with the record option. >> was he using a home phone. >> he was on "skype." >> he's on "skype" and you're on a cell phone. >> uh-huh. >> you met a guy in february of three years ago who was interested in something. what was that? >> he was interested in me bringing him blanco. >> where did you meet this guy? >> in aruba. >> what's his name?
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>> don't even know his real name. that's the problem. i don't know his real name. i wasn't worried about that at the time. it was more like, going and having fun there, and he is one of the person i saw triple didn't hang out with him. >> did you only see him one time in february? >> no, two times or three times. i seen him over a period of one and a half years or something. >> is he an arubaan? >> i don't know. >> what leaning did you speak with him? >> dutch, and english, too. >> about how old a man? >> older man. i can't say how old he was. 30, 40. >> did you sit at the same table with him? >> yeah. one time i played poker with him, one time i played blackjack with him. he usually played blackjack. >> you met in february of '05 at
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the casino. you know his first name. he said he wanted what? >> he said he wanted to see a blonde girl. >> what did you take that to mean? >> i didn't know. i did not -- i wasn't even thinking about it. i did not know what he wanted at it all. >> did anything offered in exchange? >> he offer me money. >> what did you say? >> i said, okay, sure. >> february of '05 you have this conversation with him in the casino. and between february '05 and about may 30th '05, did you see him at all? >> yeah. before that. he was like before he was telling me, like, he was just acting like a high roller in there. spending money like nothing on blackjack, and then he was always talking about going out, doing stop, goes from venezuela to aruba and all that. that's what he was telling me at least. yeah. >> did he ever say what he wanted a blonde girl for? >> no. >> did you have any sort of guess what it was?
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would it be the code? speaking code, knew what he wanted? >> no. it wasn't really occupied with that at all. i had school going and other things, friends, i wasn't really -- i wasn't concerned about his name. >> did he offer you money. >> yes. >> a specific number? >> he offer head me money. >> what was the money. >> i don't want to say. but he off erred me money. >> look, we have comp halfway across the world. you told us that you want this investigated because everybody seems to think something happened and there's a possibility she is still alive. i need to get this information out of you so that i can get my company to continue to finance this. this is going take venezuela find this guy. >> that's what i want. >> that's why you contacted me, because you want that. if i get that information, we
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can track it down. >> yeah. >> so that's why i need to pull these facts out of it because that will corroborate the chip and help me in the investigation. >> okay. you -- he only gave me $10,000. >> between february and merrick did he talk money with you? >> no. >> okay. now, what day of the week did you meet natalee? what day was that, sunday night, the 30th? >> yeah. sunday night. >> in the days prior to that sunday night, did you have any conversation with this man? >> oh, a week before, i think, yeah. a little before. a couple days before. five days before. >> at a casino? >> uh-huh. >> did you have his phone number? >> did not. only at the casino where i saw him. that's the only place i ever saw him. >> so, what happened the day you met natalee? >> the day i met natalee, i remembered what he said, and as i was leaving the casino, to leave, i went by the radisson
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casino and he was there. i spoke with him. he was like, yeah. so then he was asking me, okay, all i want is -- bring me a blacktopped girl, -- blond girl. give me a call. and he gave me a phone number, and he said to meet him at the beach by the mariott if i ever got a girl, and he would give me $10,000. >> that was the day you met natalee? >> that was on the day or the day before. >> the day before you met natalee. >> or two days before. two days before. >> so the day you met natalee you met her with a group of people. and when you about what time did you leave the holiday inn excel -- excelsior on that afternoon? >> on the afternoon sometime. >> when you left in the. >> -- in the afternoon had you
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made plans plans plans to natal? >> yes. >> had you contact third guy who wanted to buy a white woman? >> when you left the holiday inn, where did you go. >> i wend to the radisson. >> talked to him. >> and played poker there. then i went to -- i called a friend of mind. and then i called other friends of mine. asked them if they wanted to go out, and, yeah use ask the other friends were? [inaudible] >> you went from the radisson to home first? >> uh-huh. >> how did you get home? >> what do you mean? >> from the holiday i, rad disson, and then you went home. >> called my dad and he picked me up at the mcdonald's. >> that was from the rad disson? >> from holiday inn. i was only there 20 minutes. >> about what time would that
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be? >> it was at the evening. evening. >> you go home, and what do you do when you get home? >> went and took a shower. went on the internet. and i wasn't even sure if i still wanted to good out or not because i had school the next day. then deepak called me like, we're going to come with you, and we're ready, on my way now. 12:00 that night. so, it's like, 11:00 when we went, and, yeah, and the rest of the story is like we told it, exceptor the end of it. >> up next, joran takes you minute-by-minute through his shocking story. did he carry through his alleged plan to sell natalee. you hear the horrifying details of what joran says what happened to natalee that night. >> who is our special guest
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tonight? >> sitting in the back, cruising, and you're doing an excellent job. i want to say happy birthday. the beach was a blast. the best time in my life.
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joran van der sloot's store change from natalee alone on the beach to being with an unknown witness. he told us about a business transaction with a mysterious stranger. >> you made plans to pick up natalee? >> not ever hard plans. justed told him i have a girl with me. he said, okay, come to the mariott hotel. >> at what time? >> 1:00 in the morning. >> it doesn't sound right to me that this loose plan. why is the guy going to sit
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outside the mariott at 1:00 in the morning? >> i don't know. he wasn't there when i went there. >> sew deepak and satish pick you up. they're not in on this at all. right? >> i don't really want to talk about them at all. >> you know, if you want us to do this, joran, if you want to us investigate this, you got to tell us. you trusted us this far -- >> i talked to you guys, but talk about what you -- spend one second and talk about them? >> yeah. >> not on camera and. >> you know what? we have gone so far down the road. this is your chance to tell us if you're telling the truth -- you and i have spoken before. if you're telling the truth this time, let's get it all out there and we will pound the pavement to chase this down, and we can't have wild goose chases. the minute that happens, it's over. it's over. and you look like -- you look
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like a liar because we have had one conversation with you, you have that thing that with patrick, whatever that is. patrick. then you have this. you have to make a decision that you trust us, that you want us to investigate this fully, and lay it all out. >> but what i was just want to say, i don't want -- maybe if i say something bad about them they can sue me or whatever. i don't know. >> look, they're not going -- i can't say that -- they're not going sue you. if you tell the truth, it doesn't hurt. >> uh-huh. >> you lie, it does. >> uh-huh. >> so if you lie about them, yeah, you're vulnerable. if you tell the truth, no. >> i agree. okay. well, then, yay, they know about it also. that's why i was -- they know about it also. >> when did they know about it, at what point? >> that night i told them. >> on the way to carlos and charlie's. >> no. on the way back. when we getting a drink at
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carlos and charlie's. >> they pick you up at your house. >> told them we're meeting a group of girls. who asked me to go out with them. when i was in the bar, she was all dancing on the bar, coming over to me and telling me to come dance withmer. and that's the moment when i talked to them and said, like, okay, well, i think if someone offered me $10,000 to bring them somebody, and what do you guys think about it? $10,000, okay. that was the talk behind it. >> what -- did they get any money? >> i gave them money, of course. >> so, had you -- was natalee the one you identified as the american girl you were going to grab or was there another one? >> i wasn't even think can about that at all. that wasn't my intention. it was actually my intention to go with -- like i just really liked a friend of hers.
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i thought she was very nice. she one that asked me to go out. when i came there and her friend said natalee shotgun on you -- that's exactly what she said, and that's when i started paying take attention to her. >> up next, joran tells you about a -- secluded beach in arube. he says the last time he say natalee was on that beach. these details, according to joran, are next.
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joran van der sloot continues his story, explaining what he says really happened to natalee holloway, he claims he
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met up with natalee and her friends at the excelsior, and later they met at the famous car 'n charlie's. >> i have been there. it's very loud. you have a conversation on the side with deepak or satish on this deal and. >> deepak. >> he says essentially, i'm in. >> uh-huh. >> you zero in on natalie, why, because she's drunk? >> no. because she was interested in me, i guess. she was coming up to come dance with me. that's when i was remembering this guy, and, like, i think it was more than two days before he gave me his card with his phone number on it. i thought maybe he was looking for a good time, to go out. i didn't know 100% whatever his intention was. still don't know what right now what his intentions were. >> you get natalee and head out to the car. >> yes.
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>> tell me the whole story. >> she asked me first, let's go your house? i want see your house. i'm like, no, let's go back to your hotel. it's right next to the other -- where we had to be anyway. thought we could see there, see how it is there. but she don't want to go back to her own hotel. so that's when told the guys to drop us off by the mariott. >> you hadn't hard-wired appointment with the guy to meet, you just assumed he would be there? >> no. i called him on the way back. >> at what point did you call him? i'm confused. when did you lock in the pickup? >> at, like, 1:00. >> you called him then? >> yeah, a little before. >> and said what? >> said i'm with a girl, and i'm with two friends, what are you doing, he said, i'm awake, and can you be there in an hour? and i'm like, okay. give you your money herc said okay. >> you made a call to this guy
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while natalee is in the car with you? >> uh-huh. >> did natalee say anything? >> no. >> just sit there as you made the phone call. >> yeah. >> did you speak in code? >> i spoke dutch to him. >> so she couldn't understand dutch. >> uh-huh. >> use deepak and satish, did they understand dutch and. >> yay. they not fluent in dutch but they understand it use so the deal was to meet at what time? did you have a firm time? >> he said an hour. be there in an hour. >> so what did you do for the hour. >> just drove around. just drove around. went up the lighthouse. went in a circle there. went back. we just drove around a little bit. >> and so then you drove to the mariott, a little north, the parking lot area. >> the parking lot. >> tell me what happened. >> then i got out. step out of the car. she was with me.
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went to the beach with her, and we went -- just making out. never did anything else. and then at first i didn't see anyone there. and then i was like, okay. whatever. and not going to happen. then i saw a guy, and he came, and he just handed me a bag, grabbed the girl by the arm and he went to the boat he had in the water. >> what did natalee said? >> she said nothing. nothing until she was on the boat. then she was like, hey a, what's going on? you're not coming with the? i don't know. she wasn't panicking or anything. then the boat went away, i heard, what's going on? i think she was pretty drunk. >> she -- struggle to go to the boat. >> huh-uh. >> didn't you think at that time was odd. >> no. i said we are were going on the boat. that was my story to go to the beach, we were going on the boat. >> what did the guy give you? >> a bag of money. >> $10,000.
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>> wasn't even 10,000. it was less, how much short? >> a couple hundred. >> what does joran say about a boat pulling away from the beach with natalee? he well tell you. plus, what happens during our interview that makes joran take his microphone off and threaten to leave. you will hear next. úb;d: 8
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from america's news headquarters, i'm marion. crews in arkansas are suspending their search for two dozen campers still missing after the flash flooding. at least 18 people are confirmed dead, at least six of them children. one rescuer saying it looked like a powerful tornado passed through. most of the victims were caught asleep in their tents, homes, or rvs. >> the baltimore police department on a manhunt for one.
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its own. police issue ago a first degree murder warrant in connection with the shooting death of a former marine in a fight earlier this month. detectives think he may have left baltimore. investigators are asking for help from anyone who might have information on his whereabouts. now back to "on the record." ). chilean police were arrested van der sloot in chile herc was being charged in the united states for trying to extort $250,000 from natalee's mother in return for the exact locations of her daughter's remains we experienced some of his suspicious behavior when he contacted us in 2008 to tell us what he said was a real story with an audiotape. >> did you actually see the boat drive away with natalee? could you hear her say anything. >> i don't remember what it was.
3:31 am
i wasn't screaming or anything like that. >> what did you do next? >> i went home. i called deepak up. and he sent satish to pick me up. >> why didn't he come? >> i think he was chatting on the internet with his girlfriend. >> at what point did he get cash? >> we went out. one night i paid, one night he paid. i gave them both 1 thon. >> when did you give him the thousand. >> like, couple days after. >> did you give tote deepak or satish. >> to both of them when we were in my room, and another friends of mine was there as well. >> when was the first time you told your -- you told your father the story. right and. >> not everything, no. it's not. we don't talk about it. no. we don't talk bit actually. >> did it ever come up with your father? in that chip he said it's a bad
3:32 am
thing to sell somebody. when is the first time you told him? >> a long time after that we were arrested, a while. >> well, in the conversation you and i had on the phone, you told me that you told your father -- that your father -- that natalee holloway's family showed up and they were making a big fuss, and your father talk you to a lawyer, and you told me your told your father and lawyer at that opinion. >> i lied to him. >> so you lied to me when you told me that? >> i don't remember telling you that. >> that's an important element of it. is that, what did they know at that time? >> at that time they didn't know anything. it was later i told them. >> when did you tell them? >> like -- i don't know. a while afterment for me that's not the most important part.
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>> oh, it is. >> that's what you guys look into. >> it is. the thing is, it's important. on this tape, on this chip you gave us, your father says, selling girls or whatever, you know, is a serious crime. >> unfortunately, his father died suddenly of a heart attack in february of 2010. paul van der sloot carried to his grave this alleged phone exchange between father and son. [speaking in foreign language]
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>> help me understand and help me corroborate. if she is alive, this is our last chance. this is three years into it. that's a big deal if this young woman is alive. i reelrealize the chances or remote. maybe not, the. i have gone online and surprisingly the u.s. state
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department says there's something like 7 or 800,000 people sold into slavery every year, which is bizarre to me. if what you say is true, that you sold her and that she went to some sort of slavery, i realize it's remote but maybe she is. this is your last chance. >> yeah. >> and so you can sort of cleanse yourself and be done and we will investigate it. you can do what you want. but that at least gives us something to go on. if she is alive. >> i understand. >> you want her alive, right? >> that would be the best thing in the world anyway. >> you're the only one that can help. >> yeah, but there's different ways you can look after things. if i had some million dollars myself, i would look myself to find out what happened. but that's why it ha has to be someone like you. the police aren't going to look into it no one else.
3:36 am
>> i will. you told me -- one of the things you told me, and what i want to do is use this for leverage -- that [bleep] was paid off and another police officer was paid off by your father. >> you know something, greta? i don't want to do this, actually. it's not actually what we agreed on. >> well, joran you can -- look. i came halfway across the world. i came halfway across the world because you told me in conversations that you want this investigated. if you're going to bolt on me, i don't believe it. >> okay. then you don't believe it. >> you know, i really want to investigate it. [inaudible] >> why not? [inaudible] >> that's not what we agreed on. that's all. >> what we agreed on is i was license the chip. the problem is the chip came with issues with it. and so now i'm in the position
3:37 am
where i have to try to tell my company that this is a possibility that this happened, and they're going to say, well, if he won't even corroborate it, this is all basically [bleep], and i don't know -- what die tell them? >> i guess you can tell them whatever you want. i'm not going to say all that. >> i want the truth only. >> yeah. i understand. >> why won't you tell us the truth? >> maybe because the truth hewitts. >> that i get. sit down a second. sit down. >> take a break now. let's take a break. >> all right. you know what, joran, i understand the truth hurts, and i understand that. i actually do. >> coming up, will joran sit down and continue the interview? or did we get all the information we could from joran van der sloot. that's up next. plus, twist to the entire story. this could change your mind about everything you heard so far tonight. that's coming up.
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you saw joran van der sloot take his microphone off. he eventually put his pike crow phone back on and told his story. >> joran, we have taken a break. now we're back. let me hit some blunt topics. you told me in conversation that [bleep] was paid some money. >> uh-huh. >> there's another police officer with him who was also paid and. >> uh-huh use who was that. >> two police officers. it was [bleep] and -- what's the -- can think right now. >> when were they paid off and for what? >> they were paid off in the summer, for not saying anything. because they found out the
3:42 am
story. >> when you say "the story" what was the story they found out? >> i think they got on to they found out that she was taken toughies. >> who paid them? >> my father. >> do you know how much he paid them? >> not exactly, know. >> what do you understand was the range. >> 50,000. >> each or to split? >> i don't know. >> do you know how the money was transferred, in the banking system or cash? >> i heard it happened, that's all. i think i was through banking. >> holiday howe did you hear about it. >> from my dad. >> when did he tell you. >> in one of the difficult had with him. >> [bleep] shake him down? >> tried to shake him down. >> tell me what you know. >> it wasn't a topic which was spoken about. i don't know the details.
3:43 am
>> why did your father tell you? >> more like, you know, that it's serious, and more for me to shut up, you know. keep my mouth closed. >> was this an argument or a discussion with your father? >> it was more i think to emphasize on giving me reason for not talking to the police. >> did you learn this from your father when you were still in jail or is this after you got out? >> i learned this while i was still in jail. >> so you got private conversations with your father? >> way later, yeah. >> was anyone else paid off? >> not that i know of, no. >> you hesitated a little bit. were you thinking or is there somebody else? >> thinking. i don't want to say anything unless i i'm sure. >> was there another police officer. >> there could have been someone whole was paid off. >> did [bleep] say to your father what they learned?
3:44 am
>> i don't know. the conversation i had wasn't that long. i think they knew exactly what was going on. >> how did they learn that, the? >> i did not speak to them about it. i don't know. >> did they know the guy who you worked this deal with to -- do they know him? >> i don't think so. i don't know. >> and they never said nothing you about it. >> no, i never spoke to [bleep] or the other guy. >> the never interrogated you in jail. >> never spoke to one of them once. >> who was the first person you told about natalee. >> the first person i told? first person i told was my lawyer, i think. >> ask that was before -- >> not the first person i told was a teacher of mine and then the lawyer. >> the teacher is? >> the teacher is from school. >> what's his name? >> it was a teacher from school i had, a teacher.
3:45 am
>> had what did he tell you to do? >> to tell the truth. >> what was his name? >> can't think of out right now. >> you do know it. >> i can think of it right now >> it was a teacher who was there when we did the interview in march of '06? >> yeah. >> when did you tell him in relation to natalee's disappearance? >> told him a couple days after at school, i think. >> did you have a special relationship with this teach center. >> a very good relationship with him, yeah. >> the second person you told was who. >> my lawyer. >> was your father present and. >> no. >> this was in the lawyer's office? >> no. this was at interrogation. >> after you were arrested. >> yeah. >> and where was this conversation with your lawyer, which facility? >> at a police station.
3:46 am
>> now, you weren't allowed to good home after that one. >> after they brought me to jail, yeah. still in my prearrest. >> do you give your lawyer permission to verify that fact? >> how do you mean? >> well, you have an attorney-client privilege. he can't tell me anything about you unless you give him the green light. will you give him the green lying to verify that you told him within days of natalee's disappearance that you sold her? >> yeah. i guess i give him green light to do that. >> you'll he shocked to know after this very discussion in thailand, joran e-mail us to say he had been lying and he had not sold nat natalee to a stranger.
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i touched the ball before it went out, coach. come on, alex, the ref did not call that! i touched, it's their ball. team! alex. alex, good call.
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joran van der sloot appears to be motivated by money and greed. some accusations of extortion this week in a.m. --alabama to the night natalee disappeared. >> the guy you sold her to, you don't know any more information. >> i know everything i told you guys before. i don't think we discuss its all now. >> you told us when you turned natalee over the guy in the boat, you got a bag of cash, which you later split up, but it wasn't 10,000, wasn't a full 10. how how much was missing. >> 400. >> your assumption is that the boat driver took it? >> i don't know. >> but anyway. now, have you ever gotten fie more money?
3:51 am
>> yes. after the second time we got arrested. >> which is when? >> don't know anymore. >> how was the money transferred? >> sent it through western union. >> to where? use, to me. >> were you in holland or aruba. >> i was in holland. >> why did he send you more money. >> i think he didn't want me talk. >> so you think to have you shut up. >> or keep me happy a, something. >> how did he think you wouldn't be happy? had you had any kentucky with him? >> no. >> out of the blue. >> out of the blue completely. >> how did he know where to send it? >> i gave him everything at that time that moment. i told him where are you,. >> i don't understand. you get the 9,600 when natalee disappears. then we fast forward a couple years, and out of the blue you get rayed a second time -- six months ago? suddenly he gives you how much
3:52 am
more? >> he gave me the same amount again. >> ten grand or 9-6. >> ten grand. >> he wires it to you in holland. you have actually given us the wire number. >> yeah. >> there must have been some contact before, like by e-mail or conversation for you to give him the number. >> i had e-mail contact with him. >> have you had e-mail contact with him for the least couple years? >> i gave it to him one time on a piece of paper. >> so you just out of the blue e-mailed him first. >> he e-mail me. >> he e-mail you and said what? >> he said, like, how am i doing, and for me to shut up and if i needed any money. >> so you then replied what? >> yeah. >> then what happened? >> and then he said, okay, then first i didn't hear anything for like a couple weeks. that's why i don't think it's
3:53 am
real e-mail address. then he said, here's a number. you can pick it up at we were union. >> and you did. >> yeah. >> that's the last contact you had with him? >> yeah. >> you haven't tried to get more money out of him? >> no. >> why not? >> i don't know where to find him. i e-mail him but he didn't respond. >> disyour father know about this second money? >> no. >> who knows about >> no one. >> does joe know about the slave? >> no. >> doesn't know aing in about it. >> no. >> the only lawyer who knows is antonio. >> uh-huh. >> no other lawyer, and your father, and the teacher. does your mother know? >> no. >> does your mother know about the payoff to [bleep]? >> no. i don't think so. i don't speak to them anymore at all. >> your parents. >> uh-huh. >> why not? >> just don't have the best relations anymore.
3:54 am
>> why? >> i guess it was all a little bit too much, i guess. >> is that your decision or their decision to cut contact? >> i guess mind. >> do you have any contact with deepak and satish? >> uh-huh. >> what kind of contact and. >> e-mail back and forth with them a couple times, called once. >> when did you call? >> three months ago. >> what was the conversation? >> it was about they had a lawsuit going, and that's really the only thing we talk about. >> why is the lawsuit of interest to you. >> they said if they won the lawsuit they would give me a million dollars. >> deepak or satish. >> deepak. i got it on paper. >> deepak wrote it, the e-mail. >> no. just the computer. just like it's type up. >> do you know if his lawyer knows. >> yeah. >> what's the deal. >> as long as i don't share anything that i know about the
3:55 am
both of them with anybody, and if they win the lawsuit, will get a million dollars. >> did that come from the lawyer or from deepak. >> both of them, an official paper. >> will you show us a copy? >> uh-huh. >> i know this isn't easy for you. no i'm just that i hope you guy goes in and really look at it. find out everything. find out what happened, and hopefully then i can go on. >> joran's twisted ugly story of lies, sex and deceit continues. no evidence of natalee holloway was found in aruba, but the body of a young woman in peru may be the last stop for the dutchman.
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a pattern of suspicious behavior. the same day van der sloot is detained in chile, police in alabama unseal a criminal complaint claiming van der sloot extort $250,000 in return for information about natalee's death. he used the money as seed money for his south american trip. then a peruvian was found dead with a broken neck in a room registered to van der sloot. with this incrim fating video, authorities have forensic evidence at the hotel where are joran had been living since may. it remains to be seen if justice will be served. the investigations continue. thank you for


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